Renovate… Innovate… Re-invent…

Cbc is a hotel and resort renovation company specialising in interior renovation and construction. Cbc specialises in helping hotels and resorts renovate, innovate and re-invent themselves. Cbc will help you add value to your property by transforming your property into a vibrant attractive and alluring environment that appeals to today’s guests.

The Cbc team is committed to finding solutions that deliver the very best quality outcome within your allocated budget, and on time. Cbc is sensitive to how capital expenditure can impact upon your bottom line and understands how important it is for you as investors to show a return on your investment in any capital improvements. Cbc practices value engineering characterized by personal attention, quality service, unique design ideas, fast track construction methods and turn-key solutions.

Cbc staff have over 25 years combined hospitality industry experience and understand what is needed in order to best manage operational and guest demands during any renovation and refurbishment works. Cbc has wide and deep networks across the hotel industry to help you access the very best advice from architectural, FF&E, Project Management, and interior design firms. Cbc is well practiced in working with all service providers to help ensure the best quality outcome, on time and on budget.

Cbc sees itself as the custodian of your greatest asset and as such treats your money as if it were its own. Value engineering is at the core of everything Cbc does, as if every staff member is wrapping their arms around your project to ensure special care and understanding.